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What's Ready for U-Picking in January & February

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

These are our two coldest months of the year, but things are still green and growing at Cloverfield Farm. We have been blessed with plentiful rain this season. Two big projects during these cold winter days are dormant-pruning of the grapes and fruit trees and planting pf additional bare-root fruit trees. We are adding a few apples and more Pakistan mulberry trees this year.

Things that we expect to have available for u-picking in January and February include the following:

Rhubarb, Persian limes, beets, kale, fenugreek, a few peppers, horseradish, marshmallow roots, fava bean leaves, mints, rau ram, a few peas, radishes, cilantro, green onions, pak choy, calendula flowers, and celery. In mid-February there should be bouquets of daffodils to u-pick too!

In late February, we have a fun selection of spicy mustard greens - Green Wave, Yellow Frills, Giant Red, and Red Lace. White Russian kale is great at this time too!

Prize Pak Choy

Horseradish Roots/Crowns

In the farm shed are other things you can purchase, including raw Cloverfield honey, Black Point organic extra-virgin olive oil, dried herbs, and seeds. We still have a few packages of amaranth and quinoa grain.

Our small nursery has a good selection of edible perennial plants for sale. We propagate these potted edible plants from those growing at the farm and all of them are certified organic and are grown in our own composty soil mix.

Hope you can come visit us soon!

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