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Fall Planting of Garlics


Fall is the time to plant next year's garlic crop. We will be showing our volunteers how we do this during our Autumn volunteer day on October 27. We plant a nice variety of different garlics, including both hard-neck and soft-neck types. We reserved the largest bulbs that we harvested earlier this year to include in our plantings.

Varieties we will be planting this year include: Elephant garlic, Inchelium red soft-neck garlic, California early artichoke garlic, Tzan hard-neck garlic, Music hard-neck garlic, and German white hard-neck garlic. The hard neck garlics, in addition to producing bulbs of delicious spicy garlic, also grow scapes. The scapes are the green flower buds that sprout from the center of each developing garlic bulb. We cut off (or visitors can u-pick) the scapes and we sell them in the Spring as a garlicky green vegetable.

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