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Cloverfield Farm Seed Starting Calendar

One of the important practices that enables a bountiful garden is the planting of seeds or vegetable plants at the right time of year. Different flowers and vegetable crops germinate under specific soil temperatures and grow best during different seasons. Perhaps you've heard of cool-season crops and warm-season crops. Our farm is blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate that enables to grow and harvest vegetables, flowers, and herbs the year round.

Summer Beds:

Winter Beds:

Over the last 20 years I've kept records of when different seed planting times have been successful at our farm and growing area. Our seed starting calendar, attached below, should be useful to you if you live or grow a garden near our farm in the cooler parts of the East Bay Area, close to the water.

Vegetable Calendar
Download XLS • 44KB

Our three top favorite organic seed suppliers are High Mowing Seeds, Johnny's Seeds, and Peaceful Valley Farm Supply. We sell a few of the organic seeds that we save from our plants - come see the selection in the farm shed during your next visit to the farm.

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