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2023 Spring Organic Farming Workshop May 11

We are holding our next seasonal volunteer workshop on Thursday, May 11, from 11 am to 2 pm. We invite volunteers to come work with us on seasonal farm chores. All ages and abilities are welcome.

If you plan to come, please email

American Black Elderberry Flowers in May

Projects we have in mind include preparing vegetable beds, pricking out seedlings into deeper flats or pots, spreading mulch, planting vegetable beds, weeding, sheet mulching, and potting up rooted cuttings of various sorts. There will be projects suitable for all ages and abilities.

If you join us, please wear sturdy shoes and clothes you don't mind getting dirty. If you have your own gardening gloves and pruning shears, please bring them with you. You will probably also want to bring a sun hat.  We will provide most of the tools, as well as some light snacks and bottled water.  

Ripe Royal Lee Sweet Cherries in May

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