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Late Winter Season U-Picking at Cloverfield Organic Farm

The days are beginning to noticeably lengthen and the orchard and vegetable beds are well-nourished with plentiful rain and sunny days. The fruit trees are coming into vibrant bloom and are beautiful to enjoy as you wander through our farm's orchard. We are expanding our orchard this year so that we will have a plentiful and exciting assortment of fruits to u-pick this year and in the years to come.

February is a great time to u-pick Persian limes, kales, beets, snap peas, radishes, cilantro, marshmallow roots, thyme, rosemary, green onions, pak choy, calendula & daffodil flowers, green garlic, curly & flat-leaf parsley, and California bay leaves. We have a few varieties of mustard greens too - Green Wave, Giant Red, Yellow Frills, and Red Lace. We provide you with harvest baskets, pint-containers, and clippers.

If you wish to grow your own delicious edibles, we have a fun assortment of edible perennial crops in pots ready for sale and planting. For example, we have grapevines, figs, herbs, as well as small pomegranate bushes. We've propagated all our potted plants from varieties of fruits and herbs that produce well for us.

Everything we grow is certified organic by both CCOF and the Real Organic Project.

Small Winter Harvest Basket

Freshly Dug Marshmallow Roots

Pots of Peruvian Goldenberry

Our open u-pick hours this time of year are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11 - 4. You don't need to make a reservation and we have free parking. Other visiting times and events can be scheduled on our website.

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