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Fall & Winter are Olive U-Picking Times

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Our olive trees are still small, but we expect to have some fruit on them for u-picking this year. We are growing a few different olive varieties, including: Ascolano, Maurino, Mission, Saracena, Empeltre, Manzanilla, and Frantoio.

Photo taken in early Spring.
Deer-fenced Manzanilla olive tree at Cloverfield Farm

Here are descriptions of the olive varieties that we are currently growing (maybe more to be planted):

  • Ascolano (Italy) - Table and oil variety. Has a tropical fruity flavor.

  • Maurino (Italy) - Compact tree known for its delicate flavorful oil in Tuscany.

  • Mission (California) - Black table olive grown on the California missions.

  • Saracena (Italy) - Medium-large fruits for table or oil. Aromatic oil flavor.

  • Empeltre (Spain) - Medium-sized black olive for table or oil.

  • Manzanilla (Spain) - Purple-green large fruit with rich taste and small pit.

  • Frantoio (Italy) - famous for Tuscany olive oil having a fruity flavor and strong aftertaste.

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