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Exciting Varieties of Tomatoes

We grow all of our crops outdoors in the open air and sunshine, starting them seasonally when the soil temperature and daylengths are 'just right'. The tomato seeds we planted this Spring (on April 10) were finally ready this weekend (May 21) to 'prick out' into medium-sized pots. We prick the tiny seedlings from short flats into deep Anderson Band pots so that the tomato plants develop strong deep roots. The newly pricked out tomato starts will benefit from a few more weeks in their new rich composty soil until they get transplanted into their final spots in our farm beds (or into your own garden). We planted plenty extra to offer for sale. They are available for purchase now and for the next few weeks until we run out.

Because we start our tomato seedlings a bit later than the plants that have been greenhouse-grown and sold at local nurseries, they are fully hardened-off and ready to flourish and fruit. "Hardened-off" means that they are acclimated to the harsh outdoor conditions where they will be growing for the current season in our farm beds or your garden.

The tomato fruits will ripen in about August and continue to ripen fruit until we get frost in late November or early December.

We are excited to share the diverse and delicious varieties of tomatoes we have in store for you this Summer and Fall at Cloverfield Organic Farm.

We are happy to share our bounty with you. Real Organic Certified tomato plants sell for $6 each, and, when we have fruits, a pint of ripe, delicious, vine-ripened organic tomato fruits also sells for $6.

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