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Elderberry Plants, Flowers & Fruits

We grow and propagate a few different species of elderberry at Cloverfield Organic Farm: Sambucus canadensis, Sambucus nigra, and Sambucus mexicana. Potted elderberry plants are available for sale now in our organic nursery. They are easy to grow and provide delicious flowers and fruits, as well as support beneficial wildlife.

American Black Elderberry - Sambucus canadensis

  • Wild type - grows into a tall multi-trunked bush or small tree, up to 15 feet tall. Vigorous and productive of large white flowers and full heavy clusters of deep purple berries.

European Black Elderberry - Sambucus nigra

  • Emerald Lace - has lacy vibrant green leaves and stays a bit shorter than other varieties of elderberry, from 6 to 8 feet tall. Produces fragrant white flowers and dark purple berries on green stems. Beautiful landscape plant.

  • Sampo Danish Elderberry - produces abundant juicy black berries on pretty red stems. Grows 8 to 10 feet tall.

  • Samdal Danish Elderberry - a newer variety that we are trialing and haven't propagated yet. We will have more to say about how this does after a season or two.

  • Wild California Blue Elderberries (Sambucus mexicana or Sambucus nigra ssp. caerulea) grow in our native wild conservation forest at Cloverfield Organic Farm. The wild blue elderberries grow up to 20 feet tall and have cream-colored flowers and dusty blue berries. They were planted by the birds and they survive without any irrigation or attention. The flowers and berries are wonderful for feeding wildlife, including deer, butterflies, native bees, moths, and many birds. They are a host for the endangered Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle.

A good resource to learn more about native blue elderberries is this Blue Elderberry Plant Guide by USDA/NRCS:

Elderberries start blooming in May at our farm and flower through the summer. Elderberry fruits ripen in mid-summer and into the fall. We invite you to visit the farm to come u-pick and enjoy these wonderful harvests of tasty, medicinal, and nutritious offerings. Consider picking out an elderberry plant to grow in your own garden.

Cloverfield Organic Farm is located at 501 La Paloma Rd., El Sobrante. Our open hours are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in the afternoons. No reservation is needed to come visit during our open hours. We have free parking and accept a wide variety of payment options, including cash, Venmo, cards, and EBT.

phone: 510-253-8859

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