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Cloverfield Organic Farm Plant Nursery

In addition to being an organic u-pick farm, we also are a retail organic plant nursery. Many of the delicious edible plants growing at our farm can also be grown in your own garden and we have them potted up for sale. All of our potted edible plants are USDA certified organic by CCOF and The Real Organic Project, as they are propagated and grown outdoors under natural sunlight from organic seeds, plant divisions, or rooted cuttings from our plants at the farm. No pesticides are used so they are bee, bird, and insect-friendly.

Many of the potted plants we grow and offer for sale are perennial, such that they will grow for many years without having to be replanted.

Come to Cloverfield Organic Farm and check out the nursery tables in the center of the fenced vegetable garden. Some plants we have in stock now include yarrow, sage, chocolate mint, apple mint, strawberry mint, absinthe wormwood, comfrey, rau ram, garlic chives, gandana leeks, culinary chives, marshmallow, Peruvian goldenberry, pineapple sage, aloe vera, asparagus, Cecile Brunner rose, two varieties of elderberry, strawberries, tomatoes, fig trees, pomegranate trees, grapevines,sunchokes, and artichokes.

Varieties of grapes we have for sale include Emeryville Pink and Marechal Foch.

We have seedlings of eight different varieties of tomatoes. Check out our poster display to decide which types of tomatoes you would like to grow.

Come shop at our plant nursery on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from noon to five. We are located at 501 La Paloma Rd., in beautiful El Sobrante.

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Just amazing and totally unique plants! Thank you!🤩

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