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Alaskan Wild Salmon Pick Up Event at Cloverfield Organic Farm

We've partnered with a fisherman to facilitate farm visitors gaining access to fresh and sustainably-caught wild salmon. Captain Davey Portnow will be taking orders and delivering his wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon in person at a one-day event at our farm on Saturday, May 11. Come meet your fisherman!

Here is Captain Davey's message and ordering information, in his own words:



Hello Everyone, My name's Davey and I commercial fish for salmon in SE Alaska during the summer months on my boat the Nancy Jean. My operation is small scale and sustainable. The Nancy Jean is only 32ft and is run by myself with a hired crew member. I use a gillnet to catch the salmon. I then process the salmon and put them on ice. Afterwards I bring them to a small cannery/smokehouse where they’re flash frozen or smoked and finally shipped down to Los Angeles where I now reside in the off season.


Similar to a CSA this is a CSF (community supported fishery). At the moment I don’t have weekly shares However I hope to have a couple pick up events before I leave for the salmon season. If you're interested In purchasing a box please visit my website and feel free to contact me with any questions. 

The first pick up date will be May 11th from 2pm-5pm at Cloverfield Organic Farm, in El Sobrante, California. To order, please checkout my website below: 




Thank you and look forward to meeting you soon.



Captain Davey

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