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Dormant cuttings of fruiting canes from our organic vineyard.  They have been stored in the cool outdoor air with their root ends in potting media before shipment


Each scion or cutting is between 6 to 12 inches in length and has at least two strong nodes with healthy buds. The bottom node with buds is for sending out roots, and the top node with buds is for growing the vegetative shoot (leaves and new growth).  


Cuttings are best stuck into rooting medium as soon as they arrive, but they can be kept refrigerated for a few weeks with a moist towel wrapped around them. Dormant cuttings can be rooted directly into a loose soil mix.  We use and we also sell in-person at our farm our loose Cloverfield Soil Mix containing a mix of organic OMRI compost, composted wood chips, and vermiculite.  The loose soil mix should be completely moistened with water before using, as dry compost can be hard to hydrate in a pot. The base of each cutting should be trimmed close to the bottom node of the cutting's stem. To root the cuttings, push each cutting deep into your loose soil mix to where only one or two nodes with buds are above the surface..  Most woody cuttings root easily on their own, but can benefit if treated with a rooting hormone.We generally dip the bottom cut surface of each cutting in kelp meal. A commercial rooting hormone can also work, but these synthetic hormones are not approved for organic growing. Since most cuttings will grow out leaves before they grow roots they should be placed in an environment where the new top growth will be kept humid enough to not dry out until the roots emerge. A greenhouse with shade cloth is excellent for many plants, though an outside space with either shade cloth or part shade from deciduous trees can work fine for hardier plants. When weather gets warmer and dry be sure to water the top growth regularly and keep the soil mix hydrated.  When it is cold in early spring, only water by hand when necessary as cuttings can rot if kept overly wet. Once they have sprouted roots they can be gently fertilized to spur good growth. Pot up the rooted cuttings into larger containers filled with quality potting soil once they have a solid well established root system.  Within a few months to a year they will be ready for planting directly into well-amended soil in your vineyard or garden.

Organic Grape Cutting Wood

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