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Delicately-flavored mint that tastes like thin mint cookies. Great in tea, baked dishes, or used to flavor a spice rub for meat.   


We hand pick and air dry the fresh chocolate mint when you place your order, so you know your mint is fresh. Please allow about two weeks for the mint to dry.  This mint has a fantastic flavor that you will come back to frequently once you've tried it. It can be used alone or mixed with green or black tea to make a flavored tea blend. Try using it in any recipe that calls for mint for a new chocolate mint flavor sensation!


Our mint is grown on a hugelkultur and no pesticides or other chemicals ever come near it. We use compost to keep the mint healthy and tasty.

Organic Dried Chocolate Mint - 1 oz.

SKU: 27860543
  • Our orders are shipped out on Monday mornings by USPS.  Please allow up to two weeks  after you place your order for us to air-dry your order for packaging and shipping.

  • If you are unsatisfied with your order in any way please let us know and we will replace or refund your order. 

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