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What's Up & Ready for U-Picking in April

The rains are abating and the sun is warming the soil and bringing back lush growth in the vegetable beds, vineyard, and orchards at Cloverfield Organic Farm. We are turning on the orchard irrigation and crossing our fingers for bountiful fruit harvests into the summer and fall. Our garden beds are bursting with items that may tempt you. We have our organic plant nursery well-stocked with potted grapes, elderberries, strawberries, currants, figs, and several different herbs and edible ornamentals.

Things to be u-picked in April include kales, mustards, chard, green onions, fenugreek, parsley, green garlic, garlic chives, fava beans, lemon balm, lettuce, cilantro, ginger, dandelion greens, bay leaves, Greek oregano, chamomile, absinthe wormwood, epazote, ashwagandha, asparagus, komatsuna, pak choy, mint (apple, chocolate, & strawberry), beets, calendulas, nettles, arugula, and fennel. Towards the end of April, and in the weeks ahead, we hope to have some ripe strawberries and elderberry blossoms.

We sell our dried herbs, a few seeds, raw honey, and extra-virgin organic olive oil in the farm shed. Our farm also makes a special location for a private tour, therapy horse interaction, picnic, field trip, or other event that can be arranged on our website,

Giant Red Mustard and Fava Beans

Karen Rose Mathews and Finley Interacting with Children

Harvest Basket with Healthful Herbs

We are located at 501 La Paloma Rd., El Sobrante, CA Our regular open hours are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from noon to five. We have free parking and there is no entrance fee. Other times and special events and services can be reserved on our website.

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